I miss you in Spanish

In this lesson on learning Spanish vocabulary words and expressions, I will cover how to state “I miss you” in Spanish and also how to state “I missed” as in “I missed the prepare.” About a month back, I got an email from a peruser who requested that me how say “I miss” in Spanish. I imagined this would be an intriguing point to cover in a Spanish lesson in light of the fact that there are such a variety of various approaches to state “I miss” in Spanish.


As a matter of first importance, I will disclose to you how to state that you miss somebody or miss something in Spanish. When yearning for a man or thing, in Latin America we utilize the verb “extrañar.”

Te extraño mucho.

I miss you a ton.

Usted extraña a sus amigos.

You miss your companions.

El novio extraña a su novia.

The beau misses his better half.

In Latin America, we additionally utilize the verb “faltarle” to state that you miss somebody.

spanish-phrases-hello-in-spanish (1)

Me haces mucha falta.

I miss you a great deal.

However in Spain, they utilize an alternate expression:

Te reverberate de menos.

I miss you.

Spanish uses the verb “perder” for looking at missing a transport, taxi, prepare, plane, and so on.

Van a perder el metro.

They will miss the prepare.

Ya lo han perdidio.

They have effectively missed it (el metro).


The vital thing to recall is that how to say I miss you in spanish at lamenting the nonappearance of somebody, you ought to utilize the either the verb “extrañar” or “faltarle” if speaking Latin American Spanish. What’s more, when speaking European Spanish, you ought to utilize the verb or expression “echar de menos ” on the off chance that you need to state that you are longing or yearning for somebody.


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